Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

The buzzword of the day is Digital Marketing. Everyday life is now so dependent on the Internet, Google, Whatsapp, online shopping and digital mediums. Dig deeper into the subject with hands-on training at Rel Digital Academy. The Digital Marketing Course is prepped for all individuals who would like to know what the digital marketing environment can offer. The coursework enables both experienced and freshers alike. Located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, we at Rel Digital Academy offer you the best digital marketing training: 50 hours of practical training with live projects, 100% placement support, interactive lectures, group discussions etc.

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Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

Our course is solely dedicated to taking the digital marketer to the forefront of their career. The course is designed to address all aspects required in a digital marketers toolbox. The digital marketing course comprises of the following:

Introduction to Marketing Digital Marketing Landscape Website Basics
Google Ecosystem Search Engine Optimisation Basics Webmaster Guidelines
White Hat SEO On Page Optimization Off Page optimisation
Universal/ Technical SEO Google Search Console Blogging
Content Marketing Types of Content Content Calendar/ Content Marketing
Email Marketing Email Marketing tools Measuring Success/ Manage Email Lists
Video Marketing/ Tools Optimization of Video Content Affiliate Marketing
Google Adwords Types of Ads/ Search Display Network Creating a campaign
Campaign Structure Best Practice Budget allocation/ Types of bidding Targeting/ Creating Ad copies
Youtube Ads  Pay Per Click (PPC) Optimizing PPC
Social Media Marketing Overview of Facebook Overview of Instagram / Twitter
Linkedin Case Studies/ How businesses use social Content in Social Media
Social Media Ads Placement and Targeting Ads And Social Media Campaigns
Google Analytics Analytics Walkthrough Measuring Digital/ Social Media
Traffic Analysis Measuring Traffic and behaviour Reporting
Digital Marketing tools Reporting Structure Digital Marketing Trends/ Voice Search

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Digital Marketing Course Duration and Timings

The Digital Marketing Course is a classroom style course and it is for a duration of 48 hours.

There will be weekday as well as weekend batches.

Weekday Batch: (Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri) Batch 1(Morning): 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Batch 2(Evening): 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Weekend Batch: (Sat & Sun) Batch 1: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (1:00 PM- 3:00 PM – Lunch)

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How Rel Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing course will help you

Digital marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies, mainly the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital medium.

REL Digital Academy is a new age digital marketing institute in Indiranagar, Bangalore which brings to you new and improved methods of looking at current digital mediums. With the focus on enabling all its students with the right set of skills to engage with digital platforms. REL Digital Academy gives its students the right approach and strategy, specifically tailored to the industry needs.

Why is Digital Marketing so hot right now?

In the 2000’s the internet was alive with a new buzzword called ‘Google’. This unassuming search engine was going to be the game changer for how businesses are going to be run. The comprehensiveness of the algorithm made it so easy for a person searching for specific products or services to get what they needed at the push of a button. This brought new ways for marketers to sell products and services to a customer. A company website now is a tool digital marketers use to target a specific clientele.


For Who is this Digital Marketing Course for?

Digital Marketing is presently used for all products and services. The internet is the best source of information for a person who is looking for a specific product or service. A digital marketing course is training a person to better use these marketing tools to get better at their current work. The REL Digital Marketing Course is best suited for:

  • Students who have an active interest in Marketing and Social Media.
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to better understand their marketing spends and how to gain maximum mileage from digital marketing
  • Marketing professionals
  • Individuals who want to make the career shift to digital marketing.
  • Individuals who like to cook, travel or showcase products
  • Bloggers

The REL Digital Academy located in Indiranagar, Bangalore is the place to take your knowledge of digital marketing to the next level. We have interactive classes and live demo sessions on all topics. We only have 10 students per batch so as to facilitate group learning.

Is this Digital Marketing Course certified?

REL Digital Academy does provide a certification of completion of the course. We also train you to do other certifications from Google and Hubspot. There are 9 certifications in all that the individual can get certified for.

Does this Digital Marketing Course Assure Placements?

We at REL Digital Academy do not assure placements but we do provide placement assistance for every individual. We are in touch with people in the industry and we intimate the students about possible job opportunities even after they have completed the course.

Course Fees: Rs. 25000 (incl GST)

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